Design Your Dream Home

An Online Course by Karla Dreyer


This program gives you the tips and tricks for designing a room you love. Whether you have most of the major furniture or want to start completely fresh, you will be able to use this formula to either add to or create a dream room.


My commitment to you is to end up with a room (of your choosing) that you love and a design plan you can implement on your own timeline. You will know how you want your room to feel, function and know your style with confidence.


This program gives you the tips and tricks for designing a room you love. Whether you have most of the major furniture or want to start completely fresh, you will be able to use this formula to either add or create to make a dream room.

From determining your style to knowing how you live, to choosing the right furniture for your lifestyle...

We have you covered.

No more buying the wrong things - you will know exactly how to create the space of your dreams that represents you and your family.


What you can expect

  • You will know how you want your room to feel

  • You will know how your room actually functions

  • You will know your style with certainty

  • You will know what items you love and don’t love in your current room

  • You will create your own Design Board for your room

  • You will get a list of my favorite retailers

  • You will be able to choose items for your home with certainty

  • You will get the knowledge/skills/tools to design other rooms in your home

  • You will have access to questions specific to your room with me

  • You will finish the course with a roadmap in your hands of how to make a space you love as time and budget allows

How does it work?

I have created a step by step plan for you to follow to create your dream home. There are 7 online modules with videos and worksheets to give you clarity.


Module 1: Function and Feel

Module 2: Personal Style

Module 3: Needs List & Budget

Module 4: Your Design Plan

Module 5: Your Design Board

Module 6: Designer Room Tips

Module 7: Shopping Strategy


You have lifetime access to Design Your Dream Home and can work through it at your own pace.


But wait there’s more


  • You will have a 2 BONUS CLASSES!

  • The first BONUS is all about Colour. I will share how to choose a cohesive colour palette and share my favourite colour combos with you.

  • The second BONUS is How to Accessorize. One of the most commonly asked questions — how do I style my coffee table, side table etc — I’ll show you how and share my styling essentials.

The Investment

With an hourly rate of $150 with a minimum of 20 hours, that’s a starting fee of $3,000!

What if I told you, I’ll work with you to create your Dream Space for $147 USD!


Hi Karla!  Thank you so much, it was really a great course and easy to devour.  I've already started re-doing my living room which was just stressing me out.  It was so helpful to understand how to define what I want and to get clear on my dominant style and to use the common elements on Pinterest to guide my purchases.  I especially loved that you said stick to the list because I definitely was pulled in several directions yesterday at Ikea!  I'll tag you in some pictures when I'm all done.  Editing is definitely a challenge and I love the picture method as well -- the living room already feels more zen.  I just need some art to pull it all together and I love the advice on one gallery wall, that REALLY helps me edit.  The next challenge will be adding in the other rooms because our house is an open floor plan.  I'm going from kind of industrial to coastal.  Thank you!!!!  ❤

"I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Design Your Dream Home E-Course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it was jam-packed with design fundamentals, which I was very much lacking."


"Karla created a course with all the necessary design content without being overwhelming. Karla is very generous in sharing her design knowledge and kept each module simple and easy to follow. These sessions allowed me to find my style and the confidence to make some major changes in my home."


"With Karla's teachings, I created a Design Plan which has been instrumental to the design of my space. In reviewing my Design Plan I was about my vision and I'm more inspired now than ever to create the perfect space for me and my family to enjoy. Thank you Karla!"


"Now, I am a busy mommy, I have 3 little ones (including a busy 14 mom baby boy) and a bustling business so I have between 0 and no time to do much else than that, so my actual underlining intention was to do this course as a sideline while in the office, have it on in the background. I started up the first session while doing paperwork at the office, and quickly got sucked in. It didn't take much time, I had a little homework that was only was really pulling a little personal style and taste out of me which was nice, I really got into it! Karla made it really easy!  Throughout the program each assignment got me closer to defining my style; I had one, I never knew! I now can walk into a store and say, that is 'my style' and avoid all the other attention grabbers that always caused confusion. I would tell anyone to do this. It is affordable and really actually helped me figure out my decor style, took away the intimidation of home decor stores, as well, she showed me how to make a room look amazing on a budget. I think Karla is so 3.0 brilliant for creating this online style course, especially for busy mom's like me."